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Joint Finals a success. USACI numbers down due to very remote (from USACI) location but better than expected. Results posted on web site.
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 what do YOU think?

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I own this joint!
I own this joint!

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PostSubject: what do YOU think?   Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:38 pm

First topic message reminder :

Get rid of the 601 -1800 crap and line every thing up. We have trunk 0-1000 mod 0-1000
And stock 0-600 ..the only reason we hold on to it is for is the pf600.1 . They don't even make them anymore! Just re class en to 500@4 and move on!
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Basic Contributor
Basic Contributor

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PostSubject: Re: what do YOU think?   Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:24 am

I've been around for a few years, and ya'll are right.
There are a lot of guys that don't compete if they can't win. Those guys usually don't hang around long-no need to worry about them.
It is tough to be a top competitor in any national class. Most guys start out with what their shop offers, and if they get the itch, they try to improve on it. I have had a lot of guys that are happy with thier 140db setup-their interests and hobbies lie elsewhere. I have a few that want to go big, some can afford it, some cannot. Either way, having the show benifits both the shop and the org as the shop has sold equp., and hopefully 1 out of 10 at a local show will want to keep competition.

Some get into it and just like the compeitition-as is myself. I run what I have, or can afford, and I too, have bought off the internet, I'd say roughly abotu 1/2 of what I have-only reason is because I cannot get that particular equpt. at my shop.
Finally,In any org, you have to conform to the rules that they have, and sometimes it goes against the equip. that the local shop offers. Myself case in point-152db, but in modified 2 to 4 due to the vehicle and amp. For me it is what it is. I've tought about getting a usaci friendly amp, but that is not all there is to it. There is one thing that a lot of new people overlook-and that is the build.
I hit 152 give or take. Upgrading to a RD DC, Cactus, or any other amp that would better suit my class options won't do any good until I get my build right.
That is the end of my pointless rambling......
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Thats a Lot of Posts!
Thats a Lot of Posts!

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PostSubject: Re: what do YOU think?   Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:18 am

memphis_yota wrote:
Alan wrote:
Tge biggest reason shops get upset about hosting a show my opinion is because they dont take advantage of it. If im a shop and want to sell brand XXX... then im going to do what it takes to get all the brand XXX sponsored cars and demo cars there i can. Theres no reason to host a show if your potential customers are seeing a bunch of eqpt you dont even sell.

No the bigger problem is Internet sales.
90% or better of consumers are happy with 2 12's and 1000 watts for $400. Loudest guy in the area according to them and their friends, go to a show and get beat by 10 db. Then here comes the question how can I get louder and you reply oh well your not going to be competitive in this org without buying this amp. How much is this amp you are talking about? Around $1000 and with that we have to upgrade your electrical and those 2 12's you have won't play long on your new setup. How much is that? Couple of clicks on the calculator and with install, subs, custom box that will do a decent #, 0 gauge that'll be a little over $2000. Hopefully then you have a customer that is ready to drop 2 grand and they say let's do it. Well the d5 is not available the aq is direct only, sundown which doesn't have any thing that fits in the class, he can get for close to the same price as the shop cactus can't be bought and the new b5's are overseas.
Now being a shop why would I want to have a show where my main stream stocked equipment is not going to be competive and the product that is can be had direct for about the same price as the shop.
Figure out how to promote main stream audio and the shops would be more interested.

These two post kinda go hand in hand.

No homo. :-)
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PostSubject: Re: what do YOU think?   

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what do YOU think?
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