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Joint Finals a success. USACI numbers down due to very remote (from USACI) location but better than expected. Results posted on web site.
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Basic Contributor
Basic Contributor

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PostSubject: PLEASE READ!!   Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:48 pm

First topic message reminder :

This is a pm I sent to ralph last week, before the other post about changes was even made. Ralph has not read it yet and I also sent it onto a few others in hopes that something may change. Let me just say that this is just my point of view, but from what ive read in the past week or so it seems that alot of competitors or people that would like to compete think something needs to change. Im sure this will get blown way out of text like the other thread but this is just my opinion, take it for what its worth. This is the only post im gonna make,either you agree in some form or fashion or you dont, I dont have time or care to fight and bicker back and forth about changes, this is just one persons point of view.


Id like to take a few minutes of your time to discuss the issues I see with usaci and what can be done to make it better. Let me just start off by saying that I love the outlaw format, this is where myself and alot of my teamates (team sweep) started competing on a national level, but in its current state neither myself or my team really have the desire to run it anymore. Id like you to keep an open mind while reading this and any comparisons, accusations etc. made are not harshly intended but to try and help. I have some really good ideas that could get your manufacturers and comeptitors back.

The #1 reason you have lost competitors and manufactures is the 4 ohm rating. The 4 ohm rating determines what spl class your in. This needed to be changed years ago and no matter what buisness your in you have to stay relavant. The biggest issues with it are you have probably 75% or more of your competitors using the same amplifier from a small company that probably doesnt even sponsor usaci. The rest of them are sponsored by db drive and run unlimited or run street beat. Their maybe another company that does ok like b2 audio that just really started hitting the scene but for the most part all the competitors are using an rd audio d5 in the lower power classes and pretty much all of them have been won with the same amp for the last 3 years or so. Now why would any big name car audio company sponsor usaci when nobody is using their equipment. Then on the other hand why would someone want to compete in usaci if they have to go buy an $800+ amp of this certain brand just to be competitve in the lowest class available. The main reason for the loss of competitors is cost. Just to be competitve in lowest class,stock 0-600 it would cost $5k plus if your just starting out. Then another factor is, why would a manufacter want to help a competitor for a organization that they dont sponsor or they would have no chance of winning because of the 4 ohm rating. The fact is the companies that are winning dont have to sponsor people because everyone needs that particular amp to win so theyll pay for it.

Another issue is everyone using these supercaps in place of batteries. The rules say unlimited amount of caps which should mean car audio caps xx farad. But people have took it to the extreme and are using banks of 2.5v supercaps in place of batteries. Fact is a bank of these are stronger than a battery and alot of poeple are running like 3-4 banks in the lowest classes. So with the battery limit being 2, they are basically using 4. Something should be done about this, its not what the rule is intended for. And also why would a battery company want to sponsor usaci when nobody is competing with their batteries.

What I purpose should be done, and competitors have been begging for it for years is get rid of the 4ohm rating system and make the classes determined by the highest rms rating of the amplifier. That way you can have amps that are competitve with each other no matter what ohm their rated at. For instance look at kicker, all their amps are rated at 2 ohm, why would anyone want to compete with their amps in usaci, when they can fit 2 or 3 amps of the same power in the same class, just doesnt make much sence. You should have close to the same power in each class no matter what brand of amp you use. Thats not the case at all as of now. You can also lower the cost of competing by doing this. You can say have the lowest class 0-3000watts with a limit of 2 amps. Just about every company out there has a 1500 and 3000watt amp. Something like this will give a much wider range of manufacturers as well. I mean look at MWSPL theyve gotten huge and Id be willing to bet thier finals has a higher attendance than usaci this year. Heres why. Its way more cost affective for the competitor and manufacturers are sposoring them because people are using a wide variety of equipment. Also their finals is free and they have a payout. Like it or not they have something figured out.

Another thing is why did you ever get rid of basic stock? It did really well and gave amatuers a chance to compete on a national level. To keep thriving you have to get new people in the door at finals. As of now nobody wants to start out knowing they are going to finals to lose to a 160 in the lowest spl class. It takes years and alot of money to get to the point that most people in stock classes are at. Why would a amatuer want to compete against a 5+ year veteran?

Heres kinda what I was thinking in class devolpment, Its just off the top of my head and may need tweaked but its a start. I think something like this would work well and Ive talked to other teammates and competitors that think its a good idea as well. I also think that the street beat classes should have a power cap as well, they have gotten way out of hand when the lowest class with 2 tens and 20k power does 158-159s. Anyway I hope some of this was helpful, Id really love to see Usaci thrive again and get teamsweep and other competitors back in the lanes!


Amatuer stock 0-1500 watts/ 1 battery/ 1 amp
Amatuer stock 0-3000 watts/ 2 batteries/ 2 amps

Stock 0-3000 watts/2 batteries/ 2 amps
Stock 3000-6000watts/3 batteries/ 4 amps
Stock 6000-12,000 watts/6 batteries/ 6 amps

Pro stock 0-6000 watts/3 batteries/ 4 amps
Pro stock 6000-12,000 watts/6 batteries/ 6 amps
Pro stock unlimited

Modified 0-10,000 watts/6 batteries/ 4 amps
Modified 10,000-20,000 watts/12 batteries/ 8 amps
Modified unlimited

Super modified 0-20,000 watts/unlimited/ 8 amps
Super modified unlimited
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Big Bald Guy in Charge
Big Bald Guy in Charge

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PostSubject: Re: PLEASE READ!!   Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:20 pm

maddog wrote:
Most people still think hair tricks are cool, especially people who don't compete, so I say keep it going. As far as competing goes, the main thing that keeps people from competing is money so why not have a MSRP class. say like a 1000 or even a 500 dollar msrp class. just an idea. Also, I agree with what Alan was saying about having power limits in street beat. Here are my proposed classes:

sb 1 4 points 2000w 2 battery max 15v max sub chart
sb 2 6 points 4000w 3 battery max 15v max 10" 2pts 12" 3pts 15" 6pts
sb 3 12 points 8000w 4 battery max 15v max 18" 8pts
sb 4 open open no limit 18v max

I also think that changing the points on the subs would be helpful as well.

We floated that idea years ago and at least one organization tried it.

What happened: A friend of mine at Phoenix Gold told me "We will pick one of our strongest amps and sell it below cost to win." He went on to say as long as they limit production and use the results to sell the rest of the line it would be worth having one amp a "loss leader"...

So manufacturer A sells and amp that costs them $100 for $100 so they can win. Then other manufacturers are forced to to do the same or back out of competition. I could see us losing industry support because no one wants to lose money on their product but would be forced to in order to remain competitive.

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Anton Miller
Novice Contributor
Novice Contributor

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PostSubject: Re: PLEASE READ!!   Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:40 pm

want spectators?

one and done thats what i always say Wink
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Basic Contributor
Basic Contributor

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PostSubject: Re: PLEASE READ!!   Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:02 pm

I do miss head to head action too. Sometimes it gives the underdogs a chance to win. Its been a long time since I've seen full brackets though in any class.
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I own this joint!
I own this joint!

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PostSubject: Re: PLEASE READ!!   Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:46 pm

head ta head is fun but we always burped a low scorein drag years ago .. ta nock out second place guy from getting top 3 ,they was always pissed being second loudest and not get top 3
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PostSubject: Re: PLEASE READ!!   

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